Network boldly with the APHRA business card wallet. Beautifully minimalist, constructed of a simple, smooth oiled leather exterior and a sturdy, rugged wooden frame, this wallet was designed to maintain its shape to allow for an effortless retrieval of your business cards.
The APHRA business card wallet was developed as a reaction to warped, unhappy business cards. To be happy, business cards need to breathe, to slide smoothly against each other, and emerge flat, with corners intact. Leather is a beautifully sturdy and flexible material, but on its own, is not suitable to accomplish this. I have chosen to incorporate a wooden interior to provide that sturdiness. This design allows the cards to rest within the sturdy environment of wood, but which is encased flexible oiled leather for a pleasing touch.
Oiled leather & cross-grain Baltic birch plywood
Available in 5 shapes and 3 sizes to suit business cards of all kinds
Holds between 10-30 business cards, depending on their thickness (a stack of cards 3/8″)
Snap closure, available in 4 colors
Minimal, solid-color design, available in 10 colors