There’s a first time for everything.
Hey – I’m Irene, the designer and maker behind all the products sold on BlackBosk.com.
I wanted this first blog post to start with an introduction on what to expect from this blog. I am not one for keeping a journal, but I enjoy writing. I have many thoughts and theories on philosophy and design and how they influence the products I create. This blog will likely feature those musings, plus keep you on board with any new projects I have in the works, promotions, and sales. I will likely write about architecture and gardening, as those are my first career and I still care very much about them, and they play a big role in who I am as well as the products I design. As you can see, I have a lot going on in my life, so occasionally I may also post a tutorial or personal project I’m working on.
That said, this is not a check-in-everyday sort of blog. If it’s not obvious yet, this is a pretty casual place. Do I care if you read it? Sure, I love feedback. Comments and conversations are appreciated. But it’s not my main focus. Is it worth your time? Gosh, I hope so. In the end, I hope you get some form of enlightenment or amusement from this blog, should you choose to follow it, with no strings attached [for either of us ;)].
By all means, let me know what you are thinking in the comments below. Send me cool links. Send me questions. Send me critiques [oh, yes!].
Most importantly, I hope this blog can attract some like-minded folks and we can have a good time here.
See you soon,

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