APHRA // business card wallets

Finally a business card wallet that won’t damage your business cards. The wood frame protects cards from bending and developing tattered edges, keeping your cards looking presentable. You look your best when meeting with clients and customers - your cards should too. Available in Standard, Square, Moo, Moo MiniCard, and Circle shapes. Available in both Leather and Fiber options. Customize Leather with color choices, engravings, and studs. Customize Fiber with embroidery.

BRETA // playing & tarot card cases

The BRETA wood-framed playing card case is a simple and elegant solution for playing card storage. Constructed by hand using smooth oiled leather and a sturdy wooden frame. Many customizations available with this case - choose the shape as well as the thickness of the pocket to suit decks old and new. Available in Leather only, customize your case further with a choice of ten colors, engravings, and studs.

CALA // clutches

With its hand-finished oiled leather exterior and sturdy wood-framed interior, the CALA clutch wallet is indisputably unique and a dream to use. Featuring three versions of clutch wallets and a coin purse. Carry what is important with your choice of two or three pockets for cards, a phone pocket, a bill pocket, or a passport pocket. Currently only available in Leather. Customize your wallet with a choice of ten colors, engravings, and studs.

IVEN // credit card sleeves

An ideal pairing: leather and wood. As satisfying to hold in the hand as in the pocket. The combination of two materials renowned for their durability and longevity makes this sleeve enjoyable to use for now and for years to come. Available only in Leather, customize your wallet with a selection of ten color choices, an engraving or studs. Variable thicknesses available to be sure your wallet works for your needs.

UMA & VALEN // keychains

Keep the necessities on you at all times. The UMA SD Card Keychain and the VALEN Guitar Pick keychain ensure easy access to those small and easy-to-lose items. Available only in Leather, customize your keychain with a selection of ten color choices, an engraving, or custom engraved monogram.

ORSEN // drink serving set

Beautifully minimalist, with a handsome mid-century flair, the simple wooden frame and lightweight reinforced concrete bed combines in an ultimate marriage of form and function. Concrete is an excellent porous surface which absorbs moisture quickly and effectively. By far the best set of coasters you'll ever use. Available as a set or individually.